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How to activate !hej Tourist number and its options?

After you've inserted the card into your mobile phone, all you have to do is make an outgoing call, send a text or connect to the Internet and your !hej number with Tourist tariff will be activated automatically. As soon as you activate the number, two weekly options will also be activated, one with Internet and one with minutes (30 minutes towards all B&H networks).

When can I activate a new option?

You can activate new weekly Internet option at any time. Unused megabytes of the existing option will add up to the new option. New weekly option with minutes you can activate after you spent it or the expiration of the existing one.

Activation via call

Activation via SMS

Options price list

Daily 10GB 3KM
Weekly 20GB 20KM
Talk B&H (7 days) 3KM

Option duration

Daily 10GB
Weekly 20GB
automatic reactivation (if you have enough credit on your account)
deactivation Noweeklygb / Nodailygb  0637790
Talk B&H (7 days) automatic deactivation after one week
the reactivation procedure is the same as described above

How to use mobile Internet?

If Mobile data on your device is turned on, you will be connected to the Internet automatically and your !hej number will be activated. If you can’t connect to the Internet, turn off your mobile device and then turn it on again. If you still can’t get connected to the Internet, you need to configure the access point (APN): gprs.eronet.ba.

Android devices: Settings – Mobile networks – Access points (APN)
iOS devices: Settings – Mobile data – Data plan – Mobile data network

How to renew the account and check the credit on your !hej account or Weekly/Daily Option?

To renew the account, buy !hej top-up at a kiosk, ATM, petrol station or in HT ERONET branches, type *123*14-digit number# and press call. You can renew your !hej acount online. There is also an option to choose the type of credit card you’re using, e.g. Visa, Maestro ili MasterCard card without any additional fees. To check the remaining credit on your !hej account type in *101# and press call. To check the remaining credit on your !hej options type in Usage keyword in a text message to 0637790 of charge or dial *111#.