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!hej Internet 2GO

You need a SIM card or a USB stick to have Internet access on your device, and one of 3 !hej Internet 2GO tariffs which allow you to use the Internet, without a post-paid phone plan and paperwork. 

Choose between a SIM card and a USB stick

If you have a tablet with a SIM card slot or a data device (USB stick or PC card):


If you have a tablet or PC,
you can use the USB stick:

!hej Internet
start package SIM

  • KM 10 worth of credits included
    (purchase !hej vouchers to add credits)
  • data SIM card

Price: 10 KM


!hej Internet
start package with USB stick

  • KM 10 worth of credits included
    (purchase !hej vouchers to add credits)
  • data SIM card
  • USB stick

Price: 29 KM

Choose and activate one of 3 !hej Internet2GO options

!hej Internet options Internet D Internet M Internet L
Price 3 KM 10 KM 20 KM
MB included 1 GB 1 GB 4 GB
Duration until midnight on the same day

30 days

30 days
Option activation


*115*1# *116*1#
Option status check *113*2# *115*2# *116*2#

You can reactivate !hej Internet2GO options after using up all of your gigabytes or after the option has expired. The calculation unit is 10 kB. The gigabytes refer only to a data connection within the ERONET network.

Tariff option activation

You can activate the options with the codes listed in the table above in the following way: click the USSD tab in the mobile data application which automatically runs after installation, then enter the activation code for the desired option in the empty field and click Send.
The status check of the activated option is carried out the same way.
If you do not reactivate the purchased Internet option after using up the entire package of the data included, further data transfer will be charged KM 0.10/MB.

Purchasing credits and checking credit status

The duration of the purchased voucher and !hej Internet2GO credits is the same as for other !hej tariffs. You can purchase credits by purchasing a !hej voucher with credit values described on the “Purchasing !hej credits” page.
!hej data credits (Internet) are purchased in the same way as regular !hej number credits, with amounts ranging from KM 2 to KM 50. There are several ways of purchasing credits:  
  • The user requests to electronically purchase credits for the !hej Internet number at any point of sale with a POS terminal. The !hej Internet2GO number can be found on the back of the !hej Internet start package
  • Install a mobile data application which automatically runs after the installation, click the USSD tab, in the empty field enter code *123* followed by a 14-digit number from the !hej voucher# and click Send.
  • • You can check the status and duration of !hej data credits (Internet) by sending the following code: *101#.

Pricelist for usage of mobile data without activated !hej Internet2GO tariffs

Transfer of 1MB within ERONET network  0,10




Calculation unit 10kB.
Prices include VAT.

Roaming services are charged according to the roaming pricelist.